Trade Show

"When we envisioned the performer we wanted to represent our booth (JVC), let's just say, Paul Draper far exceeded our expectations!"  
- Dave Walton Vice President of Marketing, JVC

Paul Draper will gather crowds at the booth and incorporate YOUR message, theme and products into his highly interactive experience. Mindreading, memory demonstration and magic effects will be chosen to help promote the goals of the booth and engage the guests. Paul Draper will work directly with YOUR Company to create the perfect interactive show.

Imagine taking full advantage of the huge crowd-draw potential and the lead capturing benefits of a large exhibit, without the hassle of adding costly exhibit space to accommodate a stage and seating area in your booth.

Paul Draper provides the ideal way to add a demonstration to any trade show exhibit, large or small. Whether your company has a standard 10’x20’ aisle space, or a 50’x50’ booth, Paul Draper will add a custom scripted and exciting presence to your exhibit. The average required space for this style of live presentation is only 3’x4’ in your booth! And, because the live demonstration faces the busiest aisle of your booth, the crowd draw potential is automatically maximized.

Your company's custom message is the focus of the magical presentation. Collecting new contacts is easy with magical promotional items or gifts designed to gather information from potential clients, while making your booth impossible to forget.

With the skyrocketing cost of floor space and exhibiting fees, many businesses need to utilize their trade show budget in the most cost effective way. Paul Draper’s presentations are the perfect and affordable solution for increased visibility and memorability, while allowing your sales staff to do what they do best, sell!

Each show lasts approximately twenty minutes and is repeated once or twice per hour. This schedule allows Paul Draper to draw large crowds from the aisle, while allowing time between demonstrations for your sales staff to answer more detailed questions from your qualified leads after each presentation!

Trade show magic automatically puts a spectator’s mind into a prime mental condition. During your presentation each prospect is alert, awake, thinking and in the perfect state to remember your products and message.

Paul Draper guarantees that he will deliver twice as many qualified leads as you would have had without him. Communicate your message, capture qualified leads and create a lasting impression!